Ride Or Die Event Comes to you By Chaos Events and Hunts:

Ride or Die is all about our Biker Community, weather big or small.. young or old.. its time to watch the road for them... So get your creativeness going and design something amazing.. You can design for Men, Women, Children Furries and more..As Long as its MC/Biker type Themed.

Event Runs - Sept 15-22 @ Chaos Events & Hunts Sim
Application Deadline - August 31st
Payment Due Sept 8th at the latest
Photos of Exclusives due no later than 10th
First Day to Set Up - Starts Sept 11th
Last Day to Set Up- Sept 14
Upon Payment of the kiosk please send me the transaction notecard either directly or via our mailbox


Store in world and Marketplace stores are both welcome. we do not discriminate against any builder within SL. If you are Marketplace Store only please place the Full Perm Photo of the event On your listing, with Slurl of the Event. MP stores will also be required to set up at the Event. I will be checking both Stores and MP. Yes Children wear are accepted as well.. Bikes, clothes, Photography, furniture etc.

You must have (1) Exclusive for this event, you may sell it in your stores or on market place after Event is over.

We ask that you have a 0L & a 50L Gift for our attendees..They always remember the gifts they get..

Your Gacha must have at least 6 items in it, Must be in theme

You may have group joiners but not spamming ones and also Direct LM giver to your store at your spot.

I advertise in 5 different groups, along with SL Events, and Ad Board around SL

Sponsors: 250L (100Prims) {10 Spots}
1. Your Logo, Store Name, Slurl will be on the top of website along with a photo of your Exclusive item
2. You Free Gacha will be located at your Display
3. We will have Sponsor Banners Flying around the Event
4. On the top of our Direct LM Board for Attendee's
5. Top of our Advertisment Listings along with Photo of Exclusives.
6. If you are in a MC you MC Colors will be flown at our Event & Placed by your Logo and Store name.

Regulars: 150L (50Prims) (20 Spots)
1. Your Logo/Store Name, Slurl will be under our Sponsors Listed on the website,
2. Your Free Gacha will be in the Gacha area
3. On the Direct LM Board for Attendee's
4. Advertisement will be listed along with Sponsors
5. If your in a MC your MC Colors will be flown at the Event & Placed on the lower part of the website.

Gacha only: 50L per Machine (unlimited)
1. No less than 6 items per machine
2. May Rent as many as you like
3. First Come First Serve
4 . Remember our Regular Event Designers will have assigned gachas, please do not rent those.
5. You must have a 0L and 50L Prize at your gacha machine for attendee's, if you rent more than one, you can use your prize at all of them.

1. Please stay within the timeline
2. Please stay within your prim allowance (if you go over please contact me to discuss)
3. Please place your posters out at your store immediately
4. Please feel free to contact me with any timeline issues or questions/problems
5. Absolutely NO and I mean NO DiSRESPECTING MC's WITHIN SL.& RL. you will be removed from the Event.. Also anything that is found to be copied from a MC weather its SL or RL and not ok'd by the chapter you will be removed from the event as well. We are here to have fun.. be a community..

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