Stone Mountain Middle School STEM Application, 2020-2021

This application will be available from March 2nd to Sunday, June 14th, 2020. Sunday, June 14th will be the last day for online applications. Only on-line applications will be accepted. Applicants accepted as rising 5th graders will then be invited to the second interview, (tentatively) August or September, 2020. Dates will be announced and sent to current emails on file via this application. Parents are required to attend the meeting to be held at Stone Mountain Middle School beginning at 5:30 pm. Those students in 6th, or 7th grade attending Stone Mountain Middle School will complete the online application, and submit two separate recommendations from their current core teachers. Please note: Due to COVID, the dates for submission, and interviews will be held until further notice.

In order to qualify for Stone Mountain Middle School STEM Program, 5th graders will be evaluated according to the 2019 Fall and/or Winter MAP test scores listed below.

Rising 5th Grade Composite MAP Scores:
- Mathematics score: 223 or higher
- Reading score: 217 or higher

Rising 6th Grade Composite MAP Scores:
- Mathematics score: 228 or higher
- Reading score: 220 or higher

Rising 7th Grade Composite MAP Scores:
- Mathematics score: 234 or higher
- Reading score: 224 or higher

Students must also have met the eligibility requirements based on their 2018 - 2019 Georgia Milestone (students have not taken the 2019-2020 Georgia Milestone due to COVID- 19).

•Two teachers must recommend each student for admission to the STEM program. Please have a valid email address for each teacher. Failure to do so will delay or void your application.

•Students must be willing to enroll in engineering connections class each year.
•Students must maintain at least a “B” average while enrolled in the program.
•Students must be willing to take advanced science and technology courses in 8th grade.
•Students must be willing to take accelerated mathematics.

Please note, your application will not be valid until you have provided valid MAP/Milestone Scores. Consult your teacher or counselor for this information.


•Complete the entire application online.
•Applicant’s teachers must submit their recommendation online.
•Deadline for application and teacher recommendation is Sunday, June 14th, 2020 Mountain Middle School. Please check your email for date, and time.
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