EACG CAREER Guidance and Counseling Barometer 2015
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1. Please indicate your gender: *
2. What country do you live in? *
3. What is your age group? *
4. What is the highest degree you have obtained? *
5. In which field is your education? *
6. Do you have specialization studies in career guidance? And if so, select: *
7. How often do you improve your knowledge and skills in career guidance issues? *
8. Your work is at: *
9. Do you own a private office/company? *
10. If yes, how many people are working in your office/company?
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11. What are the specialties of your partners? *
12. Do you work in a company/organization? *
13. If yes, how many people are working in the same company?
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14. To which groups of clients you provide your career guidance services? *
15. How many years of experience do you have in Career Guidance? *
16. Do you have any participation, as a convention speaker, in career guidance congresses, conferences or other events related to career guidance? *
17. Do you have research activity in the career guidance field? *
18. Are you a member in professional career guidance associations? *
19. Which kind of career guidance service do you provide? *
20. Which method of career guidance intervention do you provide? *
21. Do you use psychometric tools in career guidance? *
22. If yes, what kind of psychometric tools you use?
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23. Are you qualified to use psychometric tools? *
24. Do you have a structured career guidance program? *
25. If yes, please describe it……….
26. How many sessions does it takes usually to complete a career guidance process? *
27. Do you use modern methods on career guidance? (on-line counseling, skype, tele-counseling) *
28. How often you use ICT facilities in your career guidance services? *
29. What kind of information do you provide to your clients? *
30. What material (deliverable) do you provide your customers with after completing the career guidance process? *
31. Do you incorporate innovative methodologies in your services? *
32. If (your answer above was yes), please describe………..
33. To how many clients do you provide services annually? *
34. Please indicate the cost of your services (per client): *
35. Is there any evaluating system on the services you provide to your clients? *
36. If yes, in what way do you get data on your services evaluation?
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37. How satisfied are you with the opportunities for training and continuing education provided in your country, in the field of career guidance? *
38. How satisfied are you with the career guidance services provided by the state? *
39. What are the essential qualities of an effective Career Guidance Consultant? Please, describe. *
40. Do you have any suggestions for improving the Career Guidance Services in your country? *
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