Local Touch Clubs Tournament Request Form
A Touch Club should be a registered Society in Hong Kong Police.
The request period should between Mid March - End of April, due to there are HKTA Touch Rugby Season in May to August.
Deadline of application : 11 February, 2019
Name of Touch Club *
Please upload the Society approval document from Hong Kong Police.
Name of person submitting this form *
Contact Telephone *
Contact Email *
Aim for the Tournament *
Venue(s) of Tournament Request *
Please list out Max. 3 venues for request.
Date of Tournament Request *
Please list out Max. 3 dates for request.
Category for Tournament *
Tournament Entrance Fee (per team) in HKD *
Tournament Sponsorship (Funds / Products) *
Please upload the related documents as references which including the amount of Funds or Products or both.
Organiser Income and Expenses *
Services Support from HKTA request *
1st Priority
2nd Priority
3rd Priority
4th Priority
1st Aid
Touch Referees
Hooters, Balls, Cones
Any other relevant details?
Please contact andrew.li@hkrugby.com and homi.ho@hkrugby.com for any question about it.
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