2019 Cookie Program Evaluation
What was your volunteer role during the 2019 Girl Scout Cookie Program? (Select all that apply) *
With what service unit are you or your troop associated? *
How did you complete training for the program? *
Rate the training you received *
How prepared were you to manage the program following training? *
Not prepared
Extremely prepared
Did you hold a meeting to prepare girls and their families for the program? *
Rate the support you received from your Service Unit Cookie Manager *
Rate the support you received from council staff (Product Program Team, Customer Care) *
How often did you refer to the 2019 Girl Scout Cookie Program Reference Guide during the program? *
What is the maximum distance you would travel to a truck or pod? *
Did you order at least one weekend of booth cookies in your Initial Order? *
Please rate the ease of use of ABCSmartCookies.com *
Extremely difficult to use
Extremely easy to use
Did you utilize the videos on ABC Baker's YouTube channel to assist you with system usage? *
Did you utilize ABC technical support? *
If you utilized ABC technical support, was it helpful? *
Did your troop participate in the Virtual Cookie Share program (Cookies for Soldiers)? *
Please include any comments you have regarding the 2019 Cookie Program. We value your feedback and will use the information to plan for next year's program.
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