How do you, dear teacher, enhance your learner’s ability to think and respond entrepreneurially?
LEEN (liminality & educational entrepreneurship) seeks to find out how entrepreneurship in its broad sense is implemented throughout the curriculum.

We are a group of teachers and entrepreneurs who are designing an entrepreneurship ecology in educational environments.
We therefore would like to ask you, dear teacher, how you link your teaching practice to entrepreneurship in its broad sense as defined by the European commission:

“an individual’s ability to turn ideas into action. It includes creativity, innovation, showing initiative and risk-taking, as well as the ability to plan and manage projects in order to achieve objectives.”

We realise you can’t achieve all aspects in one lesson. So we appreciate good practices which focus on one or a few features of entrepreneurship.
CASE DESCRIPTION. Could you describe a lesson during which you asked your learner’s to turn ideas into action?
When did it take place?
How long did the activity last?
How would you describe the teacher’s role?
How would you describe the learner’s role?
Were there people involved from outside the class or school?
How would you describe their role?
How would you describe the school’s role?
LEARNER’S EXPERIENCE. How and why did the learners use their creativity?
How and why did the learners become innovative?
How and when did they show initiative?
Which risks did they have to take?
How and why did they have to let go of old habits?
How did they deal with failures?
How did they explore the improbable, the impossible, the unrealistic, the forbidden?
How did they find a focus?
How did they manage the process?
What was the end product?
What would you say was the most challenging feature for this project?
How do you prepare your learners to embrace entrepreneurial learning?
Is there anything else you feel is important for educational entrepreneurship?
Could you share some pictures of the project?
If yes, then please send them to
Could we link to your website, blog, Facebook, Instagram featuring this example?
If yes, then please write your website here
Can we publish the following: the name of the educational institute and its e-mail? Your name and e-mail?
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