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The Hill Community Development Corporation, CHN Housing Partners, and Mistick Construction Company are seeking minority and women-owned business enterprises (M/WDBE) and Section 3-qualified businesses to participate in the upcoming construction of the New Granada Square Theater and New Granada Square Apartments projects.

These dramatic projects, encompassing a full block of Centre Avenue between Erin and Devilliers streets, will bring affordable housing, new businesses, entertainment, office space, and more to an area of Pittsburgh that has long suffered from economic disinvestment. The New Granada Square project will inject more than $45M directly into the Greater Hill community and is seen as the catalytic project which will bring more than $2.5B of development to the neighborhood.

Completion of this form will add you to the M/WDBE list to receive email updates about the latest opportunities in the Hill District. All information provided will remain confidential, and is used solely for the purpose of helping reach the goal of bringing the maximum number of M/WDBE firms to the Hill.

If you have questions about the M/WDBE initiative, please contact either Micheal Bier from CHN Housing Partners at (216)-774-2382 or Leo Makosky from Mistick Construction Company at (412)-894-1013.
New Granada Square
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The Hill CDC offers support services to Minority, Women-owned and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises support. Check here if you would like more information.
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