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41st Annual Big XII Conference March 01-03, 2018 at Baylor University
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The council was created in 1977 when Black students from all the schools in the Big Eight Conference came together in recognition that they were suffering from similar problems at their respective institutions. The next year, the University of Missouri students formally created the Big Eight Council and Conference on Black Student Government. In 1997, the Big Eight Conference was expanded to include four Texas institutions forming the new Big XII Conference. The Big Eight Council on Black Student Government officially changed their name to the Big XII Council on Black Student Government and included the four Texas schools into the structure of the organization. Each year, an institute member of the Big XII Council on Black Student Government hosts the Annual Big XII Conference on Black Student Government.
For BSA members going on the trip you must have met These requirements: 1)must have attended 75% of meetings this semester 2) must have completed at least 2 community service events prior to this application
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