Piper Pals Petcare & Piper Pals Prep Employee Application
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If you currently have pets please tell us about them (names,breeds,ages,personalities, and currently daily routine)
If you have dogs have they previously attended a daycare? If yes please describe that experience:
For you to do this job safely you must be able to be on your feet for up to 6 hours at a time, to regularly lift up to 60 lbs and to to physically control large dogs.You will be in an environment where you may be jumped on or knocked over. You will be required to do daily cleaning chores, such as mopping and sanitizing bathrooms using chemical products and proper safety equipment. Are you physically capable of handling this?
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This job requires in-depth knowledge of animal behavior. Do you have an education in and/or experience working with dogs other than your own family pets?
Describe your prior customer service experience including how you have previously dealt with difficult customers or coworkers
Our daycare attendants will work on average 12-25 hours per week. What is your current availability?
Our Petcare sitters and walkers will work on average 10-30 hours per week including some overnight sitting visits, what is your current availability?
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What do you think a typical day would consist of working at Piper Pals Prep?
What do you think a typical day would consist of working for Piper Pals Petcare?
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