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1. Which of the following is NOT an example of the phrase "New technologies create new processes?"
2. As knowledge and skills increase modification to products advance from one generation to the next. This is called:
3. Assuming that along with the creation and adoption of new technologies, people were able to transfer the knowledge and skills related to the production of these items to subsequent generations, which statement is a reasonable conclusion:
4. The transfer of technological knowledge and skills from one generation or society to another is usually accompanied with modifications to the products created through the application of these knowledge and skills. This process is called:
5. Studying the historical development of technology helps citizens
6. The dependence of America on gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles has had both negative and positive effects. A positive effect has been the ability to distribute goods to areas where they are not manufactured. A negative effect has been the proliferation of illegal used tire dumping. This is an example of a(n):
7. To minimize unwanted side effects of a new technology, Charles should conduct a:
8. The introduction of fast food restaurants into the American way of life has had both positive and negative impacts. One of the negative impacts is believed to be the increase in the number of people who are overweight. This is an example of a(n):
9. Government helps inventors and innovators of technology protect and control the use of their ideas for a limited time, by giving them a:
10. The Vantage Snowmobile Company has a decision to make. Engineering and marketing decided that the new track the company was considering producing could also be formed into wheels to replace the skis when there was no snow. Snow mobile sales are down, the economy is weak, and the management of the company wants to diversify. Which of the following is a reason to proceed with producing the new vehicle:
11. Honda's new electric unicycle is very unique. It is steered by the rider leaning, computer stabilized through control of its single crabbing wheel (it can move sideways). It has a range of about 3 miles at 3 miles per hour. It takes on hour to recharge. It only weighs 25 pounds, so it can be carried. The cost would be about $2000. The only good reason to produce this would be that :
12. When new technology is introduced it immediately begins to undergo scrutiny and changes. This type of analysis lends to:
13. When the quill pen was invented it led to an increased volume of individual writing. The quill pen eventually led to an invention we use today called the ball-point pen. The change from the quill pen to the ball-point pen is referred to as:
14. A software design team is working on a new computer operating system. They analyze the market and work to develop new software using what type of problem-solving approach?
15. A new office building has been planned and will be built in Phoenix, AZ. The roof will have a three foot overhang and the exterior walls will be constructed using twelve inch adobe brick. The design features of this building have been established based on:
16. The criteria and constraints of a product or system and the determination of how they affect the final design and development are called:
17. A company surveyed college students to determine their need and want for a new portable computer accessory. Once the data was gathered, the company began designing the accessory to specifications determined by the data. This is an example of:
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