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Due Wednesday September 2, 2020!

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We do not expect you to be a tutor, but we would like you to be able to discuss with your mentee the purpose of the courses they are taking and where the course material fits in the grand scheme of things. Are there any 100-level Math courses or 200-level Math, CAAM, or Stats courses whose students you are especially excited to work with? Are there any 100-200 level courses in Math whose students you do not feel comfortable mentoring? *
What has drawn you to mathematics?
To help us match you with a mentee, please tell us about yourself. What do you do for fun? What is your hometown? What are you involved with at Rice? What are your career interests? Please indicate here if you believe you could be especially helpful or relatable to students from certain backgrounds like gender, ethnicity, race, LGBTQ+, international, etc.
Are there any specific areas or types of advice that you can offer to a mentee? These can range from advice about their course material to their path through the major, study habits, life at college, how to get into a PhD program, etc.
Are you interested in helping organize the AWM mentoring program?
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Are you interested in hosting drop in office hours around exams and finals for mentees in the program?
Do you have any suggestions for events sponsored by the AWM Math Mentoring program?
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