Horns of Justice Pre-Alpha Questionnaire
Thanks for taking the time to let us know how you liked Horns of Justice!

If you would like to submit a bug instead, please visit this link: https://hornsofjustice.com/testing/bugs
If you would like to give feedback instead, please visit this link: https://hornsofjustice.com/testing/feedback
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How much did you like the game?
Not at all
Liked it very much
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How clear was the tutorial in the game?
Not clear at all
Very clear
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How easy did you find the controls of the game?
Not easy at all
Very easy
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Did you have problems with gameplay mechanics of the game (e.g. attacking, abilities, passing the ball etc.)?
A lot of problems
No problems at all
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Overall, how challenging did you find the game?
Not challenging at all
Far too challenging
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How did your motivation to keep playing change because of the feedback you got from the game?  
Greatly reduced my morivation
Greatly increased my motivation
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Was it clear how well you performed during the game?  
Not clear at all
Very clear
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How likely is it that you would recommend this game to others?
Very likely
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What was the most frustrating moment or aspect of the game?
What was your favorite moment or aspect of what you just played?
Do you have any further tips or comments for the developers?
Thank you for helping us with improving Horns of Justice!
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