Coordinator Position Application
Studio Coordinator Position Description and Application
Vision of our Coordinator
-one who is open to learning, teaching, growing
-one who will bring awareness & take responsibility for their words and actions
-one who will help us ‘share the responsibility’ of keeping Open Door sustainable by being ‘bridges’ between students, teachers and Open Door
Job Description:
- to ensure the overall health of a studio through
-Studio Maintenance (Cleaning, Supplies, Security, Administration)
-Customer Care w/ Students (Feedback, Questions, Pass-related concerns)
-Training and Help w/ Teachers (Q & A, Training of new & old teachers)
-Communicating and working w/ Other Open Door Managers (Financial, Marketing, Operations, Human Resources)/ Informal meetings 4x/year

Job Requirements

-Computer Familiarity (communicates w/ email, Open Office, google documents)
-one who believes in the Open Door Vision & Policies (see below)
-believes when working and communicating with others that “We are One”
-willingness to learn and receive feedback
-strong organizational skills as work is self-scheduled
-requires approximately 80-110 hrs/month
-holidays allowed after the 3 month training period (weekends allowed)


$950/month for 1st month, $1000 for 2nd and 3rd month of training)
wage increases after each of the first 2 years,
2 weeks paid holiday, extra unpaid holidays (upon request) * holidays begin after the training period
Opportunity to do earn & learn more managerial duties within Open Door

Vision of Open Door Yoga
We Are One
When we change ourselves, we change the world
A Place to experience peace, compassion, healing, and growth.
A Place to find balance, to teach and to learn,
A Place to practice Yoga
We are here to be of Service
We see Open Door Yoga as a studio
-where teachers teach a safe hatha yoga class w/ modifications to accommodate students of all ages, experience, and fitness levels,
-where teachers are encouraged to learn and teach what they love
-where the teachers are co-owners and share in the profits of the studio
-where the class maximum of 30 and teachers helping the students sign up/answer questions/renew passes nurtures the student-teacher bond, the teacher’s sense of co-ownership
-where every individual is treated with respect, courtesy and dignity and their input & feedback is welcomed and encouraged.
-where we encourage people to speak to each other directly but that they can speak to HR if they are unable to

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What would be your ideal situation with Open Door Yoga in the long term? (what capacity would you like to see yourself in)
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Our intention is to hire not just a studio coordinator but someone who may be interested in moving up to be the President of ODY one day, so can you let us know why you may be a good candidate?
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