SCS $500 Employee Referral Program for Teacher Candidates
Who better to recommend strong teaching candidates to our District than our current teachers? You know what it takes to develop relationships with students, develop engaging strategies, and implement rigor and differentiation as you plan your lessons. If you know someone who would be an excellent teacher in SCS, please let us know by completing the following form.

We're looking for recommendations for the upcoming 2017-18 school year.

If you have questions about the referral program, please contact Employee Connect by linking to their online form located here: or call 901.416.5304.

Please note in order to be eligible to participate in this program you must adhere to the following guidelines:
•Candidates must identify during the application process who referred them by providing the name of the employee in response to the question "How did you hear about us?"
•The referring employee must fill out an electronic candidate referral form prior to candidate holding an application on file with Shelby County Schools.
•Employees may not refer immediate relatives.
•Hiring managers may not receive referral credit for employees they hire into their department(s) or for hires made within the organization where they may have indirect influence on the selection process.
•Full time benefit eligible current employees of Shelby County Schools will receive a $500.00 referral bonus for referring candidates that are hired into regular full-time teaching positions.
•Referred hires must remain employed for a minimum of six months before the full referral bonus is paid. $250 will be paid to the employee upon initial hire.
•Referrals must meet the stated qualifications for the eligible job openings and will be required, the same as all other applicants, to demonstrate their skills or aptitude to perform the particular job for which they've been referred.
•All referrals will receive equal consideration and will be processed in the same way without regard to race, color, religion, sex, marital status, national origin or citizenship status, or disability.

2017-18 Teachers
We're specifically seeking referrals for teachers in the following subject areas: Chemistry, Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Dual Language Immersion (fluent in Spanish and Elementary endorsed), Elementary, English as a Second Language, Mathematics (9-12), Physics, Spanish, Special Education, and Technology Engineering Education.

We're also seeking referrals for candidates who are interested in teaching in one of Shelby County's Priority Schools that are run by our District. These include: A. Maceo Walker Middle, AB Hill Elementary, American Way Middle, Caldwell-Guthrie Elementary, Carver High, Douglass High, Fairley Elementary, Geeter Middle, Georgian Hills Middle, Grandview Heights Middle, Hamilton High, Hawkins Mill Elementary, Hillcrest High, Holmes Road Elementary, Kirby Middle, LaRose Elementary, Lucie E. Campbell Elementary, Magnolia Elementary, Melrose High, Memphis Health Careers Academy, Mitchell High, Northside High, Raleigh-Egypt High, Raleigh-Egypt Middle, Riverview School, SCS Prep - NW, Sheffield Elementary, Sherwood Middle, Spring Hill Elementary, Treadwell Elementary, Trezevant High, Westwood High, and Wooddale High.

More information is available on Priority Schools here:

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