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Deadline 15/06/2019
Judging criteria per category:

- Does the project use processes that are environmentally responsible with an efficient use of resources?
- Does the project make use of its surrounding area and/or does it benefit the surrounding environment?
- Does the project contribute to reducing waste and make an efficient use of resources?

- Does the project use polycarbonate sheets in a new context or is the project a variation on an existing concept?
- What kind of impact will this application of polycarbonate sheets have on the industry and how it operates? Will it make significant changes to future applications and other areas?
- Is this an innovation that can be applied to other applications and other areas?

- What is original about the design?
- Is the design suitable for the project's context?
- Does the project make an appropriate use of material?

Please note that the submission form is not valid without visuals (i. e. photographs)
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