MicroMix Survey
Hello all, I recently competed in the finals for a manufacturing competition where my pitch was for a Micro-sized Mixer accessory/tool. Since the competition on May 2, where I placed 2nd overall, I'm pursuing the way to make this real. To do that, I need more market data for investors. Please help me out by filling out this survey so I can see what potential market there is, and to help make this real. I appreciate your input and your time, thank you. -DJ Goldi
General Data
Just some questions to establish a base line.
Are you currently a DJ?
If no, would you want to be a DJ in the future?
Do you own your own DJ Equipment?
If you own your own Equipment, how much did it cost? (Please separate costs)
Your answer
If you do not own any equipment, is cost a barrier to owning the equipment?
Price of equipment, what would you want to pay for a mixer? What about Speakers? (again, please separate costs)
Your answer
Is the portability and/or size of a mixer a factor to you?
Do you wish to explain why?
Your answer
What size would you want for a mixer?
If a phone sized mixer existed, would you add it to your equipment bag?
Mixer Specifics
When you DJ, do you use more than 1 channel on a mixer?
If you answered yes, how many channels do you use? and what do you use them for?
Your answer
What inputs/outputs do you usually use?
Your answer
Do you use a mixer to Mix or for the Equalizer/Level control(s)?
The following questions help identify the market and regions.
If you want to, can we know how you identify?
Can we also know what region you are from? Please answer with your state, territory, or country.
Your answer
One last question:
Are you interested in joining an email list for future updates about the progress, follow up surveys on the design elements, and/or be notified about crowd funding campaigns? Check all that apply.
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Your answer
I would like updates on:
If we forgot anything, say so.
If you have any other comments, or need to elaborate any of your answers. Feel free to comment below.
Your answer
Thank You for filling this out!
Project updates can be found on https://www.djgoldi.com/micromix
With thanks, DJ Goldi. Will catch you on a dance floor soon.
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