Beginning Band Handbook 2019/2020
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I have received and read the Murphy MS Band Handbook. I agree to abide by all policies stated.
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This is an enrichment program that is HIGHLY recommended by the Murphy Band Staff. Students enrolled in lessons receive one-on-one instruction from professional musicians. Please consult the handbook for more details.
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I desire that my son/daughter be allowed to travel to and from events attended by the Murphy Middle School Band during the 2018-2019 school year and to participate in these events.
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I understand and consent to the responsibilities outlined in the Distict's Student Code of Conduct. I also understand and agree that my child shall be held accountable for the behavior and consequences outlined in the Student Code of Conduct at school, and at school-sponsored or school-related activites. Students involved in extracurricular activity are held to a higher standard of conduct. PISD views participation in extracurricular activities as a privilege not a right. I understand that any student who violates the Student Code of Conduct shall be subject to disciplinary action. This includes any misconduct, regardless of time or location that would reflect negatively upon representing Plano ISD in the Murphy MS Band Program.
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Our band program has expenses not supported by local or district funds. We must rely on our students and parents to fundraise or donate money for our program needs. All funds raised by students are placed in our Activity Account and used for the direct benefit of our students. Expenses for our program include: clinicians, judges, entry fees, bus transportation, music, staffing for specific aspects of our program, and instrument/supply purchases.

Fundraising is optional. We greatly rely on participant support to continue offering an excellent experience for all of our students. Thanks for your generosity!

Option 1: March A Thon (a required event on September 15 with an optional fundraising component) Our goal is for each student to collect $60.00 of pledges or donations

Option 2: Catalog Sales (September 13-24) we make 40% of all sales. Our goal is for each student to sell 10 items.

Option 3: Combination of any of the above.
Payment for shirts will be made through Payments will be accepted Aug 13-Aug 31 and will cost approximately $9.00
Please indicate your child's shirt size - Adult Sizes only (child sizes are too small with our vendor) *
Beginning Band members have only one required rehearsal and two required performances. Attendance at required events are Major Grades.
I have reviewed the calendar and am aware of all required events. Some dates and times might change - notice of such changes will be given in advance *
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It is the parent's responsibility to communicate potential schedule problems in a timely manner (3 or more weeks in advance). *
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The ATTIRE requirements for performances are: Black shirt, black slacks, nice shoes, black socks. *
Review the guidelines in our handbook for more specifics.
Thank you for being a part of the Murphy MS Band Program!
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