American Legion Oratorical Competition Registration - Hosted by Tattler Post#973
Event Date: December 2018 (tbd
Event Time: 12.00am
Event Address: Conrad Sulzer Regional Library, 4455 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60625
Event Chairman - Patrick Murray, Tattler Post Americanism Officer
Event Contact Details: Cell - 773-610-5958. Email -
Deadline for Registration: November 20th, 2018
Competition Details
The Tattler Post's American Legion Oratorical Competition includes Two Parts - Part 1 and Part 2.

Part 1 - Includes an Eight to Ten minute speech on any aspect of the U.S. Constitution, with an emphasis on the duties and obligations of citizens to the U.S Government.

Part 2 - Includes a Three to Five minute speech on one of the four assigned topics, speakers choice.
Competition Level
The American Legion Oratorical Competition begins at the post level and advances to a state competition. Legion department representatives certify one winner per state to advance to the national contest.
Requirement of Application
Competition Applicants must submit a sample video of their own speech based on any of the assigned speech topics.

Provide a link to the sample video in space allocated below.

*If any competition applicant has an issue with publishing a video online using youtube or facebook, your concerns can be addressed to or please call 773-610-5958 and your issue will be addressed.

*If there are over ten competition applicants, the American Legion Tattler Post will decide who competes in the competition based on individual performance in the sample video.
Prize Money
1st Place

- $1000 Scholarship - To be paid directly to competitors educational institution (college, trade school).

- Sponsorship to compete in the IL Department Competition in Springfield, IL.

2nd Place- tbd
3rd place- tbd

Contestants will compete in five groups of six (6) in the semi-finals.
1st Place ……….. Advances to the finals
2nd Place ………. Receives $450 scholarship
3rd Place ……….. Receives $350 scholarship
4th Place ……….. Receives $250 scholarship
5th Place ……….. Receives $125 scholarship
6th Place ……….. Receives $100 scholarship
1st Place ……….. Receives a $2000 scholarship
2nd Place ………. Receives a $1500 scholarship
3rd Place ……….. Receives a $1200 scholarship
4th Place ……….. Receives a $1000 scholarship
5th Place ……….. Receives a $1000 scholarship

*tattler Post#973 reserves right to cancel the event or change scholership amount before the competion.
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