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*IF you work in more than 1 setting, with DIFFERENT pay rates for each, kindly submit a 2nd survey so this info will be separated. *IF you float between many settings in a SINGLE job, please select more than 1 here & NOT submit another survey. :)
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For easy data comparisons! If you don't know your hourly rate: divide yearly salary by number of hours worked yearly (weekly hours x 52 weeks per yr). OR divide your bi-weekly pay check (before taxes) by the number of hours worked during that pay period. **Numbers only, you may elaborate in the comments section below.
Yearly income from this job. Please estimate even if you're not salaried. *
For easy data comparisons! How to: average hours per week x 52 weeks x hourly rate = yearly pay. Ex: 40 x 52 x hourly rate). **Numbers only. You may elaborate in the comments section below.
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Round to nearest. You may elaborate in comments section below. *International friends who have never heard this term, see the following for an introduction: https://newgradphysicaltherapy.com/productivity/
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