Petition - UNM: Sign the Break Free From Plastics Pledge
Every day, people throw away tons of “stuff." All of this waste not only clogs our landfills and litters our streets, but it also washes into our rivers and oceans, where it can harm wildlife. Often, we don’t think twice about getting our coffee to-go in a foam cup, or food in a foam takeout container. When we’re done with these single-use items, we throw them away. Only, there is no “away.” 70 million plastic foam cups are estimated to be disposed of by Americans every day. Something we use for 10 minutes shouldn't be allowed to pollute our environment for hundreds of ears.

To reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in our water, environment, and landfills, we need to dramatically reduce the amount of single-use plastic handed to consumers every day.
So, that’s why we want to encourage the University of New Mexico to sign the Break Free From Plastics Pledge and join the other schools that have already started making the commitment to stop using single-use plastics.

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