That's My Robot Survey
That's My Robot is providing a survey to get responses from the residents, attendees and possible students in the counties around South Central Pennsylvania.  These responses will help to direct what types of events, classes, trips, shows or faires you would like to see or attend.  Please provide the answers to the questions and any feedback at the very end.

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Email *
Which county do you reside? *
Which of the following products do you currently have or own?
Which of the following products are you interested in learning more about (Choose as many as interested)? *
What type of classes are you interested in?
Which of the following programming languages have you tried, attempted or completed?
Many product classes may require the student/attendee to purchase the product to participate in the class.  Are you OK with purchasing the product?
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Some programming classes may require you to bring a laptop or tablet computer.  Would you be able to bring one along, or would you need one provided?
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If you have your own laptop or tablet, what OS are you using?
If you do not have a laptop or tablet computer, would you like to hear my perspective on what you might be able to purchase, if you were thinking about purchasing one?
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Some classes, or events, may use video or may have photographs taken and we will usually provide a waiver for image usage.  The images will solely be used by That's My Robot only; for our website, YouTube channel, and promotional means.  Are you OK with this?  (Again , specific events will provide waivers and details around permission and usage)
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Participant Information
This section will help determine the age range(s) for classes and how in depth or detailed they will need to be.
What is the age range for the intended participant?
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Do the participant have siblings who would like to attend as well?
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If Yes, what is their age range(s)?
Parents are welcome to participate in classes.  Would parents be interested in participating?
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Do you, or if under 13 years old, your parents have a Facebook account? (Please like us on Facebook, we will post classes or events on Facebook)
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Additional Information
This section is provided to gather any comments, questions or information from you or your parents.
Would you like to receive a newsletter from That's My Robot? (If YES, we will add you to our newsletter with the provided email below)
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To be entered in our giveaway, please provide a valid email address in order for us to contact the winner!
Please provide any insight or comments for That's My Robot.  Have you been to our site  What do you think of it?  Would you like to see any additional details or information?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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