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The Mavericks weekly ride is for intermediate (and advanced) cyclists. Below I've outlined the criteria for our rides. If you're able to say 'yes' to each, you're a fit for the ride. If you're unsure, please send me a message or email.


-- be able to ride 30kms to 55kms (we will build mileage as our fitness builds)
-- ride at a minimum of 25kms/hour on flat terrain in a group (not expecting this speed riding on your own)
-- be riding 2 to 3 times per week, consistently
-- be comfortable, stable and confident on your road/gravel bike
-- love to ride your bike!
-- have a positive can do attitude
-- have done a skills clinic or private session with me OR provide me with your riding experience that meets this criteria

​​**PLEASE NOTE: You are required to get an OCA Citizens Permit (OCA) as the Pura Vida Mavericks are registered with the Ontario Cycling Association. This is for safety to ensure we are all covered with third party liability insurance and covers you for all other OCA sanctioned rides/events. You will be provided with details, once you join us.**
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The Mavericks Membership rides are road bike specific (or gravel bike). Please provide me with the brand/model of your bike. *
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Do you consider yourself to be an intermediate or advanced road cyclist? *
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If you've not been a part of the Mavericks before, please provide me with your riding experience that meets the criteria outlined at the top of this form. *
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