Autistic History Month survey
We're trying to find out who we reached in the neurodiversity and autistic community with our posts. We are especially trying to see if we reached people who are newer to the community, or feel like they do not know much about autistic history. We also want to see how Autistic History Month can improve. This survey is anonymous, and primarily targeted at those who support neurodiversity and autistic rights.

Section 1 (This section): What is your relation with the autistic community?
Section 2: Time in the autistic/autism community
Section 3: Knowledge of autistic history
Section 4: How can Autistic History Month improve?

Survey closes July 30, 2017. This is about one month before submissions open for Autistic History Month 2017.

If you have any accessibility concerns with this survey, contact:

What is your relation with the autistic community and neurodiversity movement? (Check all that apply)
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