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Hello! Thank you for your interest in working/partnering/sponsoring/donating with/to the Indigenous Sport Council of Alberta (ISCA). Please complete this form telling us about your organizations/business/communities (or self if Individual and you don't represent anyone else) interests and goals with the ISCA. Thank you for your time, a staff member from the ISCA will reach out shortly regarding your interest in being apart of our great mission, we are excited about the opportunity to work with you!

The ISCA is the Alberta provincial multi-sport body that creates physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellness opportunities for Indigenous people of Alberta through sport, physical activity and recreation.
ISCA has the largest followed Provincial Territorial Aboriginal Sport Body (PTASB) Facebook page in Canada with over 8700 followers. ISCA also has a Podcast, Spotlight Magazine, Newsletter, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok page where we will highlight and promote your partnership/sponsorship.

Check out our website to see some upcoming and past events for some partnership examples! 
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