Fort Lauderdale 2018 Municipal Elections - Open Data Survey
Open data initiatives have already been adopted by many forward thinking cities in the world. Please help us understand your views on this important subject by filling out the survey below. Not sure what open data is? Click on the link to find out more:

A good example of how Fort Lauderdale is already using open data is the FTL Police open data portal at We need other departments to follow this lead.

To see where Fort Lauderdale stands in comparison to other US cities, take a look at the Sunlight Foundation's Open data city census at
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How will you use technology and information to create new opportunities for resident participation in the public decision-making processes?
What is your general view on government making Open Data available to citizens?
Based on your experience, does Fort Lauderdale currently provide enough Open Data?
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If elected, will you consider signing an “Open Data” pledge?
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If elected, will you support creating an "Open Data Policy" for the City of Fort Lauderdale? *
How will your office support making Open Data available for economic development and social entrepreneurship?
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