I Want to Share My Recovery Story
You do not have to be fully recovered in order to share your story! All recovery stories are stories of struggle and hope and perseverance and all of them deserve to be told. If you share your recovery story with us, we will edit it into ANAD Blog's style and publish it using your first name if you share it with us. Thank you! Your Future is Worth Fighting For!
What is your name? You can choose to share just your first name or your first and last name publicly with your story. (If you do not want your name shared, your recovery story will be posted as written by anonymous.)
Email address
How old were you when you developed your eating disorder?
Could you please share what eating disorder/s did you have?
Could you please describe who you are and what you look like? ( we want to show that eating disorders affect EVERYONE, no matter what gender, ethnicity, age, race, etc)
What factors caused your eating disorder and why? (Please be as detailed and descriptive as you are comfortable with.)
What were the key things that really helped you recover? ( family support, specific treatment, etc?) (Please be as detailed and descriptive as you are comfortable with.)
Why is your future worth fighting for?
What advice do you have for anyone going through recovery?
Would you like to share anything else about your recovery and recovery in general?
If you would like to have a specific photo, image, illustration, or drawing accompany your Recovery Story on the ANAD Blog, please email it to ANAD's Blog Manager at megan.schomaker@anad.org.
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