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1) Reconstructing Multi-Scale Dynamics
2) Multi-level Modeling
3) Multi-level Governance
4) Engineering and Control of Self-Organization
5) Foundations of Complex Systems Science
6) From Particles to Complex Matter
7) From Molecules to Organisms and Ecosystems
8) From Individual to Social Cognition
9) From Fields to Territories to the Planet
10) From Molecules to Ecosphere
11a) Tutorials
11b) Round Tables
11c) Multi-Linguism
11d) Young Researchers
Organisation of local mini CS-DC'15 events with Real-World Rooms *
THIS IS OPTIONAL, IF YOU CANNOT HOST A MINI CS-DC'15 EVENT, PLEASE SELECT ITEM 4: "NO POSSIBILITY" IN THE DROP-DOWN MENU. ANY OTHER CHOICE WILL LEAD YOU TO A SECOND PAGE. If you are interested, you can create a local mini CS-DC'15 event by providing access to one or several real-world room(s). Organizing a mini CS-DC'15 event can increase your interactions both locally and internationally, and foster new distant collaborations. If you can contribute physical rooms, you will be the CS-DC'15 representative for these rooms in interaction with the e-session chairs of your choice. Your event can also combine institutional rooms and private rooms (office and home). If rooms are sufficiently close to each other, local attendees can also shift from one e-session to another, as in a real conference. Please ask other colleagues if they are interested to provide real-world rooms and register as co-representatives for these rooms (putting the CS-DC'15 Organization chair, in cc). Thank you.
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