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We would love to have a chat with you on our Magazine site. We believe that our literary audience wants to hear your story and share in your journey as a literary icon. These questions and responses would serve for articles, book review posts, twitter talks and lots more. We ask that you provide this information and we would share your work with African writers in Nigeria and Africans at large. Keep answers short except reviews that can be a bit lengthy. We also are offering a few paid slots for your interview to feature in our Bi-annual Magazine. The Freedom Magazine has received international readership and attention for the past two years of publication. We have collaborated with and promoted this magazine through top platforms like TSS Publishing UK, Okadabooks, Amazon, Pelleura, ThisDay online, Commonwealth Writers and many others. At a discounted fee of N5,000 we will feature your interview in our coming issues. With over 5,000 downloads, and much more in our online readership, we want to collaborate to bring your work to more readers. The proceeds of this goes to our literary prize and volunteer team. Thank you. Note that this interview is absolutely free and published on the website. But to feature on the magazine we request for donations to the literary prize.
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