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Do you wish to see yourself represented in the Swedish lgbtq+ community, but don't? Do you experience discrimination/intolerance based on your ethnicity, culture, or religion alongside your gender identity/expression and sexuality? We need to hear from you!

**The information we are collecting here will only be used by the project team of, and for the project, Making Space: Raising Hidden Voices of the Swedish lgbtq+ community (a project by SFQ). We care about your privacy and safety. Therefore, we will not disclose your information without your consent, and if you would prefer we will keep you anonymous. Your participant is voluntary and you can choose to withdraw your story at anytime.**

If you, or somebody you know, would like to participate, but in a different language (including sign language), please contact us and we will do our best to arrange an interpreter.

There are some example questions to get you thinking:
What is it that makes you want to get involved in the LGBTQ+ movment or activities in Sweden? Or, what it is that creates barrier to get involved?
How was it to come out to your family or friends or community?
Do you feel that, you are being treated differently or, you have limited opportunities, than your white Swedish friends?
Have you heard misconceptions or hurtful comments about your religion alongside your gender expression/identity, and sexuality?
Do you feel oppressed or discriminated due to the way you look, your culture or religion?
Did you want to read up on an organization or group’s statues and activities, but couldn’t as they are only available in one language: Swedish?
Do you feel invisible and unimportant when people talk about the whole lgbtq+ community but only mention cis homosexual men and women?
Do you feel that you belong to the LGBTQ+ community but you don't feel welcome whilst dating a person who is assumed to be of the opposite sex?
Would you like to go to meetings and attend conferences, but when you read the invitation they don’t state anything about the accessibility of the room, or whether interpreters are available?

First name and last name. We will keep your name anonymous if you prefer that.
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Example: Cis man, cis woman, transman, transwoman, gender queer
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If you follow or belong to any religion please note here. If you don't belong to any religion, please state that also.
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Ethnicity, Social or Cultural Identity
As this project aims at intersectionality and wants to lift the voices of underrepresented groups, we would like to know your ethnicity or social or cultural identity. Please let us know the specific ethnic or sociocultural groups you may identify with. You can view ethnicity as your feeling of belonging to a particular ethnic group or group who have lived in the same geographic area/shared language or shared religion/culture for a long period of time, or to a country or to a social/cultural heritage. Yes, you can write several words to define your ethnicity. For example: Black American and Swedish / Sapmi and Swedish / Arab, born and raised in Sweden, I identify myself as Swedish.
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Share your story/experience
See ideas and questions to get your thinking in the description above
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Can we contact you?
We may want to contact you for further information or to invite you to an interview.
Email and/or Phone
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Do you want to stay anonymous?
When necessary we will alter the text to protect your identity
Can we publish your story in our project book/reports/Social media?
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