RCV in the Spotlight: Talent Show 2019
The "RCV in the Spotlight: Talent Show 2019" will be Friday May 10th at 7pm. There are no winners or losers! This is a showcase and we want the students to have fun! There will be an Audition (required) on Wednesday April 24th, a general rehearsal on May 1st (optional), and a dress rehearsal on May 9th (REQUIRED). All performers with appropriate acts will be in the show. The act doesn’t have to be perfected at the audition, but should give us a good idea of what they are doing so we know it’s ok for the show (i.e. music has no swear words). **Acts must be no more than 2-minutes long.** Students MUST practice at home, as we will not be hosting frequent in-school rehearsals. If they are doing an act with friends, parents must arrange and encourage rehearsals in their home. Get started planning/rehearsing NOW! Contact monicasilvestro@gmail.com with any questions.
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If you need additional equipment (gym mat, piano, music stand), please state what you will need here:
Can your child attend all of the following dates? Audition: April 24th (required); Rehearsal: May 1st (optional); Dress Rehearsal: May 9th (REQUIRED); and Talent Show May 10th (Required, of course!). If not, please explain below: *
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