Paintball & BBQ Nov 10 (Sun) Sign-up.
*An email will be sent out 3 days before the Event finalising details.

Let's Paintball!

Vikram Vikings of Ragnashot vs Amy Axis of the Aimless

■ When: Sun 10 Nov
Group Meet up at 10:50 am
Nihombashi Station. - Asakusa Line Platform 2 (Toward Narita)
at 12:00pm Imbanihon Idai station (Chiba)

■ Cost 10,000 yen per person.
Payment will be on the day.

■ Includes:
Including 4 hours field fee 12:30 to 17:00, rental gun, goggles, vest, and 150 paintballs, basic instructions, equipment insurance and transport to the park from the local train station, and BBQ (inc coal, grill & equipment, & food, BBQ extended time 17:30-19:00), and MeetUp Fee.

Minimum 20 ppl
Maximum 50 ppl

■ Optional rentals price for:
wear (pants/top) 1,000 yen
knee pads 500 yen
gloves 100 yen
Shoes 1,000 yen
neck protector 100 yen
shower with rental towel 300 yen
pro instructor package 1,500 yen

Extra paintballs
150 paintballs 1,500 yen
500 paintball pack 3,500 yen
2,000 paintball box 13,000 yen
(can be purchased as a team)

■ Notes:
- People use on average 400~600 paintballs depending on how trigger happy you are, and how good a shot you are.
- As this is Japan they use the highest quality softest brightest coloured paintballs.
- Pads: Snowboarding knee pads work well.
- Footwear: Hiking boots are suitable footwear.
- Wear: Old clothes, long sleeves, and pants are good. The paint generally washes out, surprisingly.
- Must have own health insurance.

■ How does it work:
- There is full instruction on how to use equipment and safety.
(most people are beginners)
- There is a shooting gallery for practice before the games. There are a number of stationary targets and different distances so you can work on your targeting, and Vikram has volunteered to be a moving target in the shooting gallery for more practice.
- During the allotted time there are a number of different games played such as capture the flag, VIP, last man standing... so you get plenty of game time.
- Teams will be divided randomly.
- Captains
Team 1:
Vikram captaining the “Vikram Vikings of Ragnashot.”
Team 2:
Amy captaining “Amy Axis of the Aimless.”

■ What to bring:
Frenemies (that friend you have been dying to shoot at)
Old clothes
Boots (running shoes ok, boots with ankle support are best)
Gloves & knee pads (if you have them)
Towel x 2
Sports drink/water
A sense of humour



こちらのフォームにご記入ください: TBA


フィールドの利用費( 12:30 to 17:00)
BBQ器具と食材 (17:30-19:00)


■ オプションで借りられるもの:
-服 (ズボン/トップ) 1,000円
-膝パッド 500円
-グローブ 100円
-靴 1,000円
-首パッド 100円
-シャワー(タオル付) 300円

-150玉 1,500円
-500玉 3,500円
-2,000玉 13,000円

■ おすすめ情報:
- 膝パッド等: スノボ用のものをご持参でも構いません.
- 靴: ハイキング用ブーツがおすすめです。
- 服装: 古着、汚れても大丈夫な服、できれば長袖が好ましいです。弾丸のインクは洗えるので、ズボンに色が付着しても大丈夫です。

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