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Which information sources do you use and access in regards to Autism and your child(ren)? Please select all that apply *
How would you rate the standard of information available to you? *
Very Poor
How would you describe your emotions in the early stages of realising your child(ren) may be Autistic? Please select all that apply *
Did you feel that there was enough guidance available to you?
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What would have made your experience better? Please rank the following. *
Very Helpful
Very Unhelpful
More consistent information about Autism
Tools to help me diagnose my child(ren)
Webinars with practical and actionable advice
Forums and discussion groups to talk about challenges
Clear comparison of different available approaches and their benefits
What other types of information would have been useful? Please select all that apply. *
If you visit Autism websites, what is the purpose of your visit? Select all that apply *
If you visit, how useful would you say most Autism websites are? *
Not at all useful
Extremely useful
If you visit, how do most Autism websites make you feel? *
If you visit, how often do you visit Autism websites? *
If you visit, please describe your experiences interacting with If autism websites so far.
If you do not visit autism websites so far, please tell us why.
Thinking about Autism websites, which features would you find useful on an online information portal? Please select all that apply. *
Which topics/themes listed below would be of interest to you?
Somewhat interesting
What is autism?
Diagnosis journey
Support for Parents
Managing Daily Life
Understanding Behaviour
Social and Communication
Working with available support networks
Understanding therapies
Managing Financials and Work
Nursery and School - how to prepare
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How do you prefer to navigate websites?
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Which device do you mostly use to access online information?
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Do you join Autism communities, if so through which channels? *
How would you prefer to be kept up to date by autism websites? Please select your preferred channel only.
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