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The following are the default settings for courses:
-4 Units
-Course may only be taken once
-Standard grade Option (Letter or P/NP)
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To be a 4 unit course, the total hours must be 12. The course must have a minimum of 4 hours of classroom time. For example: 4 hours lecture and 8 outside prep equal 4 units. If you’re requesting less than 4 hours for classroom time you need to include a justification.
List the number of hours you plan to teach the course. The majority of courses in Anthropology are taught 3 hours of lecture and 9 outside prep. If you prefer a different structure list it below. I.E: 1 hr studio, 2hr seminar, etc. *
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If selecting anything other than in class final, please enter justification
e.g. A final paper will provide a better evaluation of the students knowledge for the course content
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(Upper division courses are typically restricted to juniors and seniors)
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