D4CR Talkoot 2019 Volunteers form
Want to be part of building something great? Volunteer for Talkoot 2019 - Designing for Children’s Rights Association event (Jan 25-27th 2019, Copenhagen) http://designingforchildrensrights.org/our-next-event-talkoot-2019/

We want your talents, creativity, and insights to help make the Talkoot 2019 the greatest event it can possibly be. By volunteering you can be at the very centre of this exciting movement and learn about what goes into organising an international, multi-day event. Apply by 20th of November 2018 and we'll notify you by 9th of December 2019.

We are at this point unfortunately not able to cover travel or accommodation expenses, while food during the event is provided for all the volunteers and participants. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly at contact@designingforchildrensrights.org

The roles:

PHOTORGAPHER WIZARD(s), photo-documenting the Talkoot 2019 (involvement mainly during the event)

VIDEO DOCUMENTARIST(s) history writers: 1-2 people, video documenting and editing into a short clip of the Talkoot 2019 (involvement during and after the event)

LIVE-STREAMING GURU(s): 1-2 people arranging and carrying out streaming of some parts of the Talkoot 2019 event (involvement mainly during the event)

FLOOR-SETTING WIZARDS: 2-4 people Greeting participants, setting up and taking care the spaces (involvement mainly during the event)

FINANCIAL GURU: 1 person, responsible for communication with the event sponsors and monitoring of the transactions and necessary papers (involvement mainly prior and post event)

SOCIAL MEDIA COMMUNICATION GURU(s): 1-4 people. Social media plan development prior to the Talkoot 2019, and it’s execution prior and during the Talkoot 2019 (involvement prior and during the event)

WEBPAGE UI MAGICIAN: 1 person. Updating our http://designingforchildrensrights.org/ 's visual style based on visual guidelines that are developed by our amazing volunteer Anna Puura and will be ready in November 2019. Familiarity with Wordpress and DIVI would be a plus here (involvement mainly prior to the event)

VISUAL MATERIALS GURU: 1 person, responsible for creation of visual material of the event (stickers, tote-bags, posters, magnets etc) based on an existing visual style (developed by our awesome designer Anna Puura and ready in November 2019) (involvement mainly prior to the event)

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