Scratch 1, Grades 4-6, Level 1 Placement Test 2020-2021
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1. In this picture, you can see Max the Cat who is resting inside a 120 degrees angle. How big is the angle where Minnie the mouse is hiding?
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2. Four gnomes live in the 4 houses. The coordinates of these houses are: (-20,20), (18,5), (20,-20), (-18,-5). For each house, specify its color.
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(-20, 20)
(18, 5)
(20, -20)
(-18, -5)
Yellow House
Blue House
Purple House
Red House
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4. A flower shop sells the following types of flowers: lily, hibiscus, tulip, rose.
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5. There are two types of tunnels in BeaverLand. When beavers enter a black tunnel, they are exiting on the other side in reverse order: last to first. When beavers enter a white tunnel, the first and the last beavers swap places.
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