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Thanks for your interest. Please answer the questions below to apply for a spot in my coaching/counseling practice. My practice is often full, but I'll get back to you soon about my availability to schedule a free sample session.


NOTE: I'm no longer providing one-off personality profiling sessions (i.e., finding your Myers-Briggs type). If you want that, I recommend Personality Hacker ( Or, take my free test ( (More info about why I've decided this here:

What I do offer is coaching and/or counseling (which can often be through a Myers-Briggs lens but doesn't have to be). Most people choose to work with me weekly or every other week for several months at least. That's not a requirement, but I'm not as interested in working with people who only want one or two sessions—simply because I don't believe that deep transformational change is possible that quickly.

I'll use what I know about your Myers-Briggs type (plus other factors) to help me best support you; and, if you're not 100% sure of your type, we might spend some time narrowing it down. But, our main focus will be on helping you transform your experience of life—overcoming your challenges and blindspots, learning to better understand yourself and what you need to feel fulfilled, and guiding you toward designing and living your life purpose.


If you feel open to it, I encourage you to submit a short video (or audio) clip containing your answers to these questions. I don’t want to put any pressure at all on you, but the reality is that my practice is often full and I need to choose between applicants. Since I'm only one person with limited time, video makes it easier for me to quickly get a sense of who you are and whether we might be the right fit. 

(You can record the video on your phone or Zoom and then share it via Google Drive, iCloud, etc. Then, simply put the URL in any of the text fields below after Email.) Please don't exceed 5 minutes in length.

No worries if video doesn’t feel right for you—filling out the form as usual with text is totally fine too 🙂 


Reading that my practice is often full, some people might feel like they shouldn't bother applying because, if there are only limited spots, other people deserve those more. Please don't let that stop you—you're definitely deserving of support, and I encourage you to let me be the judge of whether I feel like my skillset is right for you and the challenges you're facing.
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Please share your pronouns (mine are he/him; if you're not sure what this means, check out: *
What country do you live in?
How did you find your way here? *
Myers-Briggs type (if that's meaningful to you)
Please tell me a little about yourself—whatever feels most important and relevant. (For this and the next two questions, I suggest writing more than one sentence but less than a giant paragraph.) *
Briefly, what's the biggest challenge you're facing in your life that you'd like support with? Or, what do you want that you don't have? *
What makes you a good candidate for coaching? What do you want to be able to do if I can help you? How do you want to make an impact on others, your community, or the world? (It's ok if you don't have a crystal clear vision. And, to be fully transparent here: I get a lot of applications for coaching and don't have the bandwidth to work with everyone; so, this is your opportunity to help me want to work with you.) *
After reviewing my sliding scale (, which pricing level is most appropriate for your life situation? (This isn't set in stone—we'll talk about it before we decide to work together.) *
If you chose $49 in the previous question: Those limited slots are for people with specific identities associated with systemic marginalization or oppression. Please explain briefly what made you choose that option for yourself.
My availability varies week to week, so you're not reserving a slot here; but, when are you generally available to meet? (My practice is typically full or near-full, so checking more of these times increases the chances that we'll be able to work together.)
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