Fall 2017 Ira S. Flory Mock Trial Competition Team Registration Form
Teams *must* review the Flory Rules and Procedures prior to registration. They can be found at https://advocacy.law.lsu.edu/competitions/flory/.

Each Flory team only needs to register ONCE.

All questions should be emailed to trialadvocacy@law.lsu.edu.

What is your name?
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What is your @lsu.edu email address?
All competition correspondence will be made via email to your @lsu.edu email address.
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What is your teammate's name?
If you do not have a teammate, please enter "NONE." The Trial Advocacy Board will make a reasonable effort to find you a teammate, but you are STRONGLY encouraged to select your own teammate.
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What is your teammate's @lsu.edu email address?
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Please check any of the following dates and times for which you, your teammate, and/or your witnesses has a time conflict.
Per the Flory Rules, The Trial Advocacy Board shall make every reasonable effort to accommodate any scheduling conflict of which it is advised either in this form or via email at least 24 hours before a scheduled round. In the event a scheduling accommodation is impossible, that Flory Trial Team shall be considered to have forfeited the competition
Please describe, with as much detail as possible, the conflicts you listed above (if any).
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Please certify that both you and your teammate (if any) have read the Flory Trial Competition Rules and Procedures.
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