Pleasantville Community Television- 2021 Survey
PCTV's mission is to enhance the quality of life of the residents in the community. To accomplish this, PCTV strives to involve the members of the community and their interests in the programming and operation of the station.
Please help us by filling out this short survey.
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Do you know about Pleasantville Community Television Station (PCTV)? *
2. How have you and/or how would you watch PCTV programming? (Check all that apply) *
3. If some shows were tailored for them, who do you think would be interested in watching local PCTV programming? *
PCTV has the ability to cover local events. What programming would you be interested in watching? *
What is your preferred length of programs?
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5. PCTV needs your help! Please check all of the areas in which you might be interested in volunteering. (Check all that apply) *
6. PCTV is open to residents to create and produce their own shows. Would you be interested? *
7. Do you know of any high school or college students that might like to intern? *
8. Do you know of anyone who might like to volunteer? *
9. What controversial topics would you like to see covered?
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