Thank you for supporting the music industry in our city!

We are looking for head coaches and junior coaches for the summer intensive. Eligible candidates are current musicians or students pursuing music as part of their post secondary education or are currently instructing 10 or more students.

All head instructors and junior coaches will be provided professional headshots taken at Foundry Room on July 21 as well as instructional shots taken during the Gold Mind Summer Intensive. The photos will be used for our social media campaign for this event and for your own professional use after the event.

Junior coaches will require a letter of recommendation from one current musical instructor or mento. Junior coaches are also invited to participate in a song-writing challenge with the Melisizwe Brothers and to perform during the Gold Mind Showcase.
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Which class(es) are you qualified to teach?
Which other days are you available to help?
Would you be interested in taking part in writing a song with Marc, Seth, and Zac?
What is your musical background?
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