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We are investigating a number of options for childcare and programming over Rosh Hashana, including the possibility of hiring daycare staff to look after our kids for the two days of Rosh Hashana. Thankfully, we have a spacious outdoor area, but the heat makes it difficult to have kids outside for too long. To that end, there are two possibilities to consider:
a. Indoor childcare: Kids will be supervised in pods with kids in their grade, utilizing indoor and outdoor spaces. This will be available throughout the duration of the second Rosh HaShana minyan (8:30am - 1pm)
b. Outdoor only: Kids will be able to play outside with supervision during Shofar/Mussaf (10:45am-1pm)

Depending on the demand, there might be a small cost involved in having a full staff of childcare providers. Once we have a better idea of numbers and grades, we’ll communicate the possible costs. If you’d like to sponsor please contact Rabbi Blumenthal.

Both options will require mask wearing (as much as possible). Unfortunately, we will not be able to allow children into shul unless they are planning on / capable of sitting next to their parents for davening. (In such a case, they should fill out the seat registration form.
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