2017 IMCA Annual Membership Form

Why Become an IMCA Member?

•IMCA Board has power over the Sunday School. The future of the Sunday school depends on good Board leadership who can continue to support the Sunday school.

•Community membership is an Islamic duty. From the dawn of Islam, Muslims existed in communities of the righteous. The prophet PBUH organized a community in Mecca and then established a new one in Medina. Our faith is communal. We can only practice Islam properly through a community. As is mentioned in surah Al-Asr, all human kind is at a loss, except those who enjoin truth and patience. Enjoining truth and patience implies being part of a community.

•A community is how we can do good deeds and forbid evil. Living in a large society like that of the US, Muslims establish such communities around mosques. A community is established by the actions and mutual support of its members. Thus, it is a duty on each of us to belong to a community in which we can practice our faith, and support each other in building a healthy and faithful community. Through the strength of a community, we can not only support our brothers and sisters in Islam, but also spread good in society, and support social justice and even global causes. Injustice is widespread, and has many resources. Until we organize better, we will remain weak and ineffective.

•Help us sustain the momentum. Our community had great progress in the past couple of years, and we have mobilized people and the youth and added many programs, Alhamdulillah! Help us make it better by adding your voice to the process.

•Membership in the community is our duty towards our children. Building a community will help us nurture the environment that our kids will grow up in with faith and social cohesion, helping our children be balanced faithful citizens who can create good in this world iA.

•Membership = Voice. Although you can be a community member without registering as a formal member, and can contribute to your community, but you will not be able to contribute to the direction of the community without being a formal member. Our community is led by the Board, who is elected by formal members. Only members can be nominated to be Board members. Thus, members will be the ones who will help define the path we take in the future. Leadership has a big influence on the culture, norms, strategy and decisions made on the behalf of the community. Those with no membership will have a feeble voice!

•Large membership = healthy diverse community. It is quite common in Muslim communities to see a single ethnicity dominate. It is a natural thing to happen, as once one ethnicity spends more energy and mobilizes to dominate membership and Boards, they create an environment that is more welcoming to their kin, and thus other ethnicities and cultures would naturally start to dwindle. Unfortunately, this is the opposite of the message of Islam. Our community is among the most diverse, alhamdulillah! We have a culture that respects and invests in diversity. However, the only guarantee to continue on this path is to have a large and diverse membership base that will ensure all voices have a seat at the table.

I regularly donate to Masjid Al-Fajr or MTI, do I still need to pay membership dues?

Membership dues are considered a donation. Thus, as long as we can verify your previous donation in excess of $50 in the past few months, you would be considered to have paid your membership dues. The donation has to be through check or credit card to be verifiable!

I can't afford the membership dues, but I would still want to be a member!

The burden of membership was chosen to be small; merely the equivalent of $1 per week. However, it is understandable that for a small minority, this may still be a burden. We require dues to be paid as we need a token of commitment to IMCA community. If you cannot afford the dues, we will certainly consider your case. Do complete the application form, and then submit a letter/email explaining your situation to Br. Badri: brashid@iupui.edu . We promise to look at every case and give it proper consideration. Waivers will be considered by the Board and/or the Membership Committee, and you will be notified of the decision within 4 weeks of submission. A membership form must also be completed.

In peace and Allah's protection I leave you,

Eyas Raddad
President, IMCA

Why Become a Member of IMCA?
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