Colegio de Iberia II - Teachers
Thank you for volunteering to teach at the second Colegio de Iberia! We welcome those from the SCA as well as our friends in re-enactment groups from around the world.

We are looking for classes that are based on the history of the cultures of Iberia and by extension - impacted by the cultures of the Iberian peninsular. (And particularly that interface).

The event has been approved for the first weekend in June 2021. In North America this will be from Friday evening to Saturday evening. In Oceania this will be Saturday morning to Sunday possibly lunch time. For Europe this will be on Saturday. It will finish depending on best fit for classes.

If you have something that fits within that scope, then this is the place for you!

We are allocating one hour time slots which includes questions and a transition time/toilet break of about 10 minutes. So aim for about 40-45 minutes for your class. If you need a second hour timeslot, please advise.

We have a teachers facebook group for you to join. Please contact Rachel Vess/Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora (Facebook) or for access

Please be aware that information gathered through this form will be used for the SCA Iberia website as well as informing how we create a schedule.

The platform used will be Zoom and teachers will be given an assistant during class to manage questions. A range of support can be made prior to the classes as well. Please let us know in the questions section
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We will be using google drives to house information and for you to store teaching tools. Please let us know your google account details (If you don't have one that's ok we can help you set one up)
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When is your availability? (Please answer from the perspective of your time zone). Please give us a range of times that are suitable so that we can have the best chance of accommodating your needs.
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Please provide a short biography about yourself so we can put this on the website. Please include websites or anything you think appropriate for us! We will be contacting you for a photo!
Please provide a class title, and then a class description. (If you are offering more than one class, then you will need to do a additional entries - but don't bother repeating anything other than the contact details.) *
Are you willing for this class to be recorded and uploaded onto the SCAIberia Youtube channel? *
If there are limitations to recording and publishing the session, please advise what the limitations are.
If you are not willing for a recording to be published, would you be willing to run your class a second time to allow for other time zones to be able to attend?
Are you willing for your class notes to be published on the SCA Iberia website?
If no or other, can you advise if alternative site for class notes or limitations?
What support will you need to be able to run your class? (Zoom, powerpoint, video, practice time?)
We are hoping to be able to put together a Complete Anachronist (SCA publication) as a compilation of articles on the cultures, life and history of Iberia. Would you be interested in contributing?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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