7 Forms of Respect Quiz
This quiz will help you determine what forms of respect are your top priority in professional settings.

The quiz will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. This quiz has 21 multiple-choice questions.

Use the scale below to indicate how each statement applies to yourself:

I must give
When giving respect, it matters deeply to you that you show respect in this form, regardless if it matters to other people. You will do it even if it’s inconvenient or difficult.

I could give
Whether you give respect in this way depends on the context. You may give it only if it is convenient or easy for you to give. Or you may give this form of respect if you think it matters to the other person to receive respect with this particular form. Other priorities may prevent you from doing this all the time.

I won’t give
When giving respect, you do not want to show respect in this form. You won’t do it even if it matters to the other person. In this case, accommodating the other person would be compromising your own integrity. You may even see this as a form of disrespect.

Read each statement carefully and choose the first answer that feels most true to you. Don't overanalyze.

You will receive your results via email in a few minutes.

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