Smarter Balanced 2014 Security Agreement

For all staff involved with administrations of Smarter Balanced,
I acknowledge that the Smarter Balanced Assessment is a secure assessment and agree to the following conditions of use to ensure test security.

1. I have received training necessary to administer Smarter Balanced.
2.a) I will take all necessary precautions to safeguard all test administration by limiting access to persons withing the school district or agency with a responsible, professional interest in the test's security.
b) The names of all persons having access to Smarter Balanced will be kept on file.
c) No portion of the test may be reproduced in any manner.
d) All student work completed on scratch paper will be collected and destroyed at the completion of each test session.
3. a) I will keep access to the test including student login information secure.
b) Access to test administration sessions will be limited to those trained personnel needed to administer the test as outlined in the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium: Online Field Test Administration Manual.
c) In no case will students be able to remove test materials including scratch paper from the testing room.
d) I ensure that the students will only use the online calculator as enabled within the test environment except as indicated in an IEP and fulfilling the expectations outlined for Level III non-embedded accommodations.
4 .I will not disclose or allow to be disclosed the content of the test.
5. Upon completion of the test, all materials related to the test such as classroom activities, print on demand materials, scratch paper, or multiplication charts will be destroyed.
6. I will develop, distribute, enforce and/or follow disciplinary procedures for the violation of test security by district or agency staff.
7. During the test administration window, all improprieties, irregularities, and breaches will be documented and reported as outlined in the Online Field Test Administration Manual.
8. During the test, I will plan for, ensure the appropriate use of, and follow appropriate procedures for students with disabilities, 504 and/or limited English proficiency as documented on their individual education plan.
a) Ensure accommodations documented for the Smarter Balanced assessment are connected to the
instructional accommodations.
b) Ensure accommodations are appropriate and necessary for students to access statewide
assessment without giving an unfair advantage.
c) Ensure students have had the accommodation in place for five weeks (read aloud or oral testing is the same as text to speech for Smarter Balanced) prior to testing.
d) Plan testing arrangement to ensure accommodations are administered in an appropriate
manner with trained personnel.
e) Cross check students individual plan with student's teacher/examiner to ensure
accommodations are documented and entered into TIDE prior to testing

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