Steemdiffuser Frontrunners
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The way it works:
When a steemit user sends a bid to @steemdiffuser for upvotes, the frontrunning bot will detect the post and will upvote the post before @steemdiffuser will. This gives you the advantage of voting before the @steemdiffuser bot and also before any users that are part of a curation trail (they vote AFTER a specific user). When upvoting content, the earlier voters will get a bigger slice of the curation payout. This is the advantage of being a frontrunner.
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Upvotes are placed under these specific criteria:
- Upvoting posts that have a higher than average bid for @steemdiffuser upvotes.
- Waiting to upvote between 17-30mins after the post was created to ensure you receive a portion of curation.
- Upvoting posts from users with as least a reputation of 25. (This ensures you don't upvote spam accounts)
- You will only upvote if you have greater than 70% voting power. (This ensures a stronger vote/more curation as well as time to replenish you voting power)
- Upvoting posts that are less than 6.5 days old. (This ensures that you are voting within the curation window)
- You will not upvote content labeled with tags "nsfw" or "test". (This will help minimize wasted votes or voting on content that may not be suitable for all users)
Minimum Requirements to Join
There are no longer any SP requirements. We will support ALL steemit members. After all, we are family!

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