MoCoPAAN: The Montgomery County Progressive Asian American Network
You are an established community leader.  An active community member.  A resident who would like to get more involved in the Asian American community.  The Montgomery County Progressive Asian American Network (MoCoPAAN - offers all of you the flexibility and benefit of collectivizing your voice on issues that you care about and with less time commitment than joining a traditional membership organization.  

Mission:  The MoCoPAAN’s mission is to raise the visibility of Asian Americans through lifting up progressive voices and strengthening coalition and collaboration through strategic communications. In doing so, we wish to demonstrate that Asian Americans have a multitude of voices.  We speak out on issues that affect people of diverse backgrounds: representation, equity and inclusion; immigrant rights; and, racial discrimination, racial and profiling, and anti-Black racism.  

How it works:  When an issue arises where an Asian American position is compelling, you will receive an email by google groups.  You'll see brief background of the issue, along with a recommendation for action by MoCoPAAN to issue a letter, petition, press release or other communications.  Simply opt in if you wish to join community leaders with having your name published onto a letter, petition, press release or other communications.  Do nothing if you don't.


1. MoCoPAAN is time efficient.  You are in control of your time.  Rely on the background provided, or seek more information on your own prior to acting on MoCoPAAN's recommendation.  Take as few as 10 minutes or as long as a few days, depending on the deadline given.  

2. MoCoPAAN amplifies your voice.  Each strategic communication makes clear that the position taken is shared by individuals who are named together.  By expressing your views in a collective, you no longer have to be placed in a position where you are asked to speak on behalf of the Asian American community.  Nor are your views misaligned with others' views simply because they are Asian Americans.  MoCoPAAN's approach straightens the single narrative story that currently exists for Asian Americans.  

3. MoCoPAAN strengthens your support of and connection to others.  During a time when people of different racial backgrounds, ethnicities, national origins, faiths, gender and sexual orientations and identities and physical abilities are being challenged, MoCoPAAN is a vehicle for you to show support for fellow community members and the issues that they seek a signing partner.  Moreover, MoCoPAAN is an entity that provides stakeholders in government, nonprofits, media and community with a place to connect with Asian Americans around news and announcements, collaborations, networking opportunities, etc.

Ready to join?  Fill out the form below.  We will be in touch with you via google groups

Questions?  Contact Aryani Ong at, Janelle Wong at

Thank you in advance for joining!

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To be clear, we promote Asian American progressive voices in the county, focusing on Asian American representation and issues. We also strongly support 1) school boundary changes to increase racial diversity, 2) magnet school admissions reforms to increase access; 3) affirmative action and race-conscious admissions; and 4) undocumented immigrant rights and protections.  Can you support all of these positions?  
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