Premium Stock Advisory Services
Fill the complete form as there are only a limited number of subscribers we can accommodate in the premium service.
"Our core philosophy is to spot them early & catch them young"
Our forte lies in finding small and micro cap stories and catch them while they are still in their nascent stage.

We recommend stocks that meet our investment check-list with an adequate margin of safety.
Some of the important criteria which we look for in an investment are:

a. Tailwinds
b. High ROE/ROCE generating businesses
c. Safe debt levels
d. Promoter Integrity
e. Skin in the game of promoters
f. Sun-rising Sector

(Our head research analyst Mr Rajesh Agarwal is a SEBI registered Analyst with the registration number: INH300002357)

Fill the complete form as there are only a limited number of clients we can accommodate in the premium service.

Please note we will stop taking new clients after the threshold is reached. Read the following before you ask us why!

Advantages of the limited membership:

1) Superior Returns: As our forte lies in researching small and micro cap companies, which have less than Rs. 1 or 2 crores of per day of daily traded value, it would get very difficult to recommend them if the subscribers number is very large.

2) Personalised Service: Less number of clients would be like a closed family. We want to give a personal touch to all our premium members so that we can guide them as per the need.
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