Freelance Writer - Communications Foundations
Could Crash Course produce a course on Communications 101 that would count for college credit? We're going to try and hope you'd like to give it a shot with us.

Remote and distance learning grows every year, giving students the opportunity to study on their own terms and their own time. At Complexly, we’ve partnered with Arizona State University and YouTube to launch a new series called “College Foundations.” Composed of the foundational courses many students need to succeed in college, they’re fundamental courses made to be viewed on YouTube or as part of a Universal Learner Course at ASU.

We want to provide the opportunity for students to attain higher learning in a manner that’s accessible, affordable, and fulfilling. As a freelance writer, you're responsible for researching and writing scripts on pre-selected topics, working closely with other team members and subject-matter experts to develop comprehensive and consistent scripts. Every script will receive critique and feedback from our partners and script editor until it's refined enough for production. There's no avoiding collaboration on our projects, so being respectful is important. Figuring out what to do with your college path can be overwhelming; it's important to build thoughtful and empathetic narratives around the subject.

This course will provide an introduction to the study of Communications. We are particularly interested in candidates who have a background in Communication, English, Composition, and Media Studies, but all are welcome to apply.

If you're interested, apply for this position by December 13, 2021

Job Title: College Foundations Communications 101 Writer
Status: Freelance
Reports to: Script Editor and Managing Editor
Term: Approximately 8-10 months
Rate: $600 per 1800-2000 word script
Location: Remote, preferably US based

If you want to learn more about the work we do at Complexly, check out our website:
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