Leadership Grapevine Application 2018-2019
Thank you for your interest in Leadership Grapevine. Leadership Grapevine will offer an educational experience designed to develop an awareness of the City of Grapevine, its relationship with the Metroplex and to provide personal leadership training. At the conclusion of the program, participants will be better prepared to seek leadership roles, both within their business and community.

Participants in Leadership Grapevine will be chosen through an application and selection process. The purpose of this process is to assure a mix of people from diverse backgrounds and experiences that represent a cross section of the city. Class size is limited.

LEADERSHIP GRAPEVINE – Participation Requirements
To gain the maximum benefit from the Leadership Grapevine program, class members are expected to

• Every participant shall attend every session in its entirety. Attendance at the Orientation Retreat is mandatory.
• The program evaluation form must be turned in at the conclusion of each session for attendance to be counted as
• Classes are 8 AM – 5 PM; one day a month from August through April and generally, the 2nd Thursday of each month.
(Review schedule for exceptions.)
• Mobile phone usage / texting during class periods is prohibited. Telephone and health breaks are scheduled
throughout the training day.
• Unusual circumstances may require an excused absence. No more than 16 hours may be missed to graduate from
the program.
• Arriving 15 minutes late or leaving 15 minutes early constitutes missing a full hour.
• Any absences counted will be recorded. Attendance records are available for review.
• Should a student exceed the allotted absence allowance, the missed classes can be made up the following year and
then the student will be deemed as officially graduating.
• During the year, students are required to attend a Grapevine City Council briefing or meeting, along with a meeting of
the Grapevine-Colleyville ISD Board of Trustees. This can be done individually or as a class.
• There will be three (3) class projects during the year.
1. An assigned teambuilding shift during GrapeFest in September.
2. Projects determined by the class participants that involves some type of community service. Must participant in .
3. Creation of the video to be used at the Leadership Grapevine Graduation ceremony.
• After Graduation, students are highly encouraged to join the Alumni Association. The alumni gather on a regular basis
to continue their professional and personal development. Dues are $100 and due annually each March.

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS FOR PARTICIPANTS - All applications must be received by the Grapevine Chamber of Commerce by July 13th. Entry to class is accepted on a first-come, first serve basis and must be accompanied by tuition in full. All information submitted in the application will be considered confidential and only used for the purpose of selecting participants in the Leadership Grapevine program.

All participants must live and/or work in Grapevine or its incorporated extraterritorial jurisdiction. A husband and wife cannot both be participants in the same class. Multiple employees from the same company cannot be participants in the same class. Prior non-acceptance of an applicant does not adversely affect future consideration for selection.


Cost if paid BY July 13, 2018
Chamber Members - $600.00
Non-Chamber Members - $750.00

Cost if paid AFTER July 13, 2018
Chamber Members - $650.00
Non-Chamber Members - $800.00

Payment is due in full with the application form, refundable to individuals not selected as participants in Leadership Grapevine. A limited number of scholarships may be available (up to $300.00) to persons not otherwise able to provide tuition expenses. (Please inquire with Mary Jo Tellin for potential arrangements.)

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