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You've made the first step to our Fund. May be you will go through the whole way to the end and make your Project a global one. We will try to stand side by side, to help and support.

However, firstly you need to fill up o form as accurate as possible. That will allow us to understand, if we could be useful for your project. We welcome accurate answers, that will help us to understand the main points of your Project.

The start of our Accelerate Program is planned for the March 19th, 2018. The earlier you fill up the form, the larger is your chance to participate in the Accelerator.

Good luck!

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Here it is necessary to describe, what does your Poject do. For instance: the service for inventory monitoring. It allows to count the number of product units in the shop and to transmit this data to the accounting system, that allows to plan the purchase volume in a more accurate way and decrease the costs for logistics.
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If any - describe in a few words
Development plan for one year
Download your presentation
Download the link for your video presentation
Video preparation increases your chance to be in the next stage. It should be no langer than 2 minutes, during that time your team members and you should tell about your roles and the project. The video can be made by the phone and does not need professional processing. Example:
Download the financial model
Is there legal body? In what jurisdiction? *
How did you learn about the Startup Lab? *
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